2014 Community Grants

In 2014, C4 considered eight community grants and funded five, totaling approximately $33,000:

  • Operation Samahan Community Clinic – $5,000. This partnership will pilot a colorectal cancer pilot program to increase the dissemination and return of FIT tests at the Operation Samahan Community Clinic in San Diego County.
  • White Memorial Medical Center – Cecilia De La Hoya Cancer Center – $5,000. This partnership continues to pair screening of low income women through the CDPH Every Woman Counts program to FIT testing of the women and their eligible family members.
  • UC Davis Cancer Center – $7175. The aims of this project are to expand the previously funded WeCare! Peer Navigation program by working with two local tribal nations to improve knowledge and screening rates for colorectal cancer in these underserved populations.
  • San Isidro Health Center, Inc. – $10,000. C4 funded two separate $5,000 grant awards for different projects to increase screening for underserved populations, while coordinating follow up medical care for those testing positive, and outcomes for all screened patients.
  • FIT-SD: Neighborhood Healthcare – $5,000. This partnership continues the dissemination and return of FIT tests with the addition of two more Neighborhood Healthcare clinic sites. The goal is to increase screening among all eligible populations, with a focus on high-risk populations.
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Apply for grants to improve access to diagnostic and treatment services for colorectal cancer.