What We Do

Welcome to the C4 website. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. 

The California Colorectal Cancer Coalition (C4) is a nonprofit organization comprised of a diverse group of dedicated individuals from throughout California whose mission is to save lives and reduce suffering from colorectal cancer in all Californians.

Please use our website to learn about colorectal cancer and available resources. If you are over 45 or in a high-risk group, review the tests that screen for colorectal cancer and discuss with your doctor which test is best for you.

We encourage you and your loved ones to get screened. If you are a health care provider, use our site for best clinical practices and information you can share with your patients to be sure they complete their screening. Our goal is to ensure everyone has access to the care continuum, including prevention or early detection of CRC through enhanced screening mechanisms and access to timely diagnoses and treatments. These efforts encourage reducing the burden of late stage disease on all Californians.

Please support our efforts with a donation or join our advocacy activities. Your donation will help our grants program and save lives.

Daniel “Stony” Anderson, MD, FACP
President, California Colorectal Cancer Coalition