ACS Seeking CRC Spokespersons by Jan. 16, 2024

American cancer society logoColorectal Cancer Awareness Month Campaign – Need for Spokespeople

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and the American Cancer Society is working to create a social media public awareness campaign to motivate people at high-risk to get screened. They are including patient/survivor, caregiver, volunteer, and clinical/health expert testimonials to resonate with audiences in California and get them to act. They need both patients/survivors as well as clinical/health experts to give their testimonials for the campaign.  

If you are interested, you need to do the following by no later than January 16, 2024 (the earlier the better!): 

  • Submit a 60-second video about your experience with colorectal cancer and the importance for people to get screened early. ACS has included some approved language on the testimonial submission page: Submit video testimonial by clicking here 
  • Send a headshot of yourself to Paula Mattison at 
  • Request and complete an ACS Standard Consent form from Paula Mattison at (she has both both English and Spanish versions)

There is also a media component for the campaign where ACS would need both clinical/health expert and patient/survivor spokespeople for media interviews during the month. These are not guaranteed but they want people identified and ready in case of incoming inquiries. If you are interested, please let Paula Mattison know when you send your headshot and consent form to her. Paula will prepare each person with talking points before each interview.