C4 now on RoundUp App!

For those of you who are looking for a relatively painless way to donate to C4’s efforts, you can designate donations linked to your credit cards that round up any charges you make (example: a charge of $43.65 will automatically round up your charged amount to $44.00 and $0.35 will be donated to C4). The transactions include multi-level cyber security.

NOTE: if the amount you are charging is already a round number, the app will move the increment to $1.00 per charge. Also, if you list cards that are linked to your entertainment (e.g., monthly Roku, Hulu), the app will also round up on those monthly purchases. We just don’t want you to be surprised.

C4 endeavors to use the majority of our incoming funds to support our C4 Community Grants Program for which we have distributed over $750,000 since 2013 throughout California. You can read about our program under Grants. We are currently in the process of awarding funds to 6 health systems located throughout CA to help with regional efforts to improve screening rates and access to care for colorectal cancer, primarily to organizations serving California populations underserved for access to timely health care services.

You just need to:

  • Download the RoundUp App (not the environmental chemical) for your smart phone or log in online
  • Create an account
  • Designate “California Colorectal Cancer Coalition” as the recipient
  • Link your credit card (s) (seems to be a limit of 3 if setting up on a phone but you can link more if you sign in online and add additional cards) to the account
  • Donations are automatic
  • You can also make one time or monthly lump sum donations if you want

For those choosing to do this, thank you, thank you! Data suggests this is easier on donors and yields higher donation levels for nonprofits.