Operation Access facilitated access to donated colonoscopies

Operation Access is a community organization that coordinates donated colonoscopies for uninsured patients.  You can submit referrals directly to their program via email (referrals@operationaccess.org) or by fax at (415)733-0019.  Please send the patient demographic information and what the patient is being referred for and why.  They can accept referrals for patients who are at above-average risk of colon cancer. Operation Access partners with over 86 facilities and our bilingual (Spanish/English) staff navigates the patients through the process of having a procedure.  They can accept referrals for patients throughout Northern California, but patients may need to travel out of their county to access donated care.  They can support with transportation and lodging if necessary.  

Their main website is here. To access the Referral Guidelines and Process (2 documents), click here.

There is not a requirement that there be a positive primary CRC test first, but it is the most common reason why they get referrals.  This is their referral guidelines for colonoscopy that highlight other factors that bump someone into an above-average risk category.